Chan F. Coulter Cup

The Chan F. Coulter Cup is awarded to the Graduate Brother who has contributed the most to an undergraduate chapter through service in a capacity other than as a Purple Legionnaire or General Officer. The Coulter Cup was proposed by the Mu Deuteron Chapter at the University of Iowa and approved by the 1978 Ekklesia. It is named after Chan F. Coulter (Iowa ’25).

Chan F. Coulter Award

Dave Slater ’67

Coulter Cup(Lexington, KY, October 13, 2005).

William A. Martin, III, Executive Director and Editor of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, announced earlier today that David F. Slater (Ohio ’67) has been selected as the 2005 Chan F. Coulter Cup Award Recipient.

The Coulter Cup Award is named for Chan F. Coulter, Iowa ’25, who was involved in Phi Gamma Delta for over 60 years in a variety of capacities, including House Corporation Treasurer and Purple Legionnaire of the Mu Deuteron (University of Iowa) Chapter and as Section Chief for The International Fraternity.  This Award was proposed by the Mu Deuteron Chapter in 1978 at the 130th Ekklesia and is presented annually to the graduate brother who has contributed the most to an undergraduate chapter through service in a capacity other than as a Purple Legionnaire or General Officer.

In making this announcement, Bill Martin stated that “Dave is exactly the kind of graduate brother the [Iowa] chapter wanted to recognize when they proposed this award.”

Nominated by the Alpha Omega Chapter this past April, and endorsed by a large cadre of Graduate Brothers from within Alpha Omega Chapter and around the United States, Dave is well known for his dedication to the ideals of Phi Gamma Delta.  Numerous Letters of Recommendation were submitted in support of Dave’s nomination, including the following excerpts:

“Dave’s involvement with the chapter, for decades, is precisely the type of individual the Coulter Cup was intended to recognize.”

—             Jerry Wanek (Iowa ’80)
Archon President 2002-04

“In all my years with the Fraternity, I know of only a few graduate brothers who have devoted their lives to the pursuit of excellence for their chapter and our great Fraternity.  Dave Slater is one of those outstanding men!”

—             Lee C. Schmitt (Miami ’63)
Archon Councilor 1982-86


Within Alpha Omega Chapter, Dave is well known for his commitment to the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors and for his unwavering support of the undergraduate chapter and its members.  This alone, would be ample justification for a Coulter Cup Award Recipient.  Dave, however, has many accomplishments at a national level within Phi Gamma Delta that should be celebrated.  Named as Section Chief in the mid 1970s for the Emory, Georgia and Georgia Tech Chapters, Dave developed an equally impressive reputation in his work with these FIJI Chapters and their graduates.


Distinguished Fiji Service Award

The Distinguished Fiji Service Award is presented to Graduate Brothers by the Archons in recognition of unselfish service and contributions to the welfare and advancement of The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta.


Alpha Omega Recipients:

David F. Slater ’67 (2007) – presented by Archon Treasurer Ronald A. Sages (Ohio ’73) on April 26, 2007.

Ronald A. Sages ’73 (2011) – presented by past Archon President Eugene A. (“Buddy) Cote (Maine ’81) on May 14, 2011

Haynes Award

The Haynes Award is presented to the most effective Section Chief. It was proposed by the Rho Chi Chapter at the University of Richmond in honor of Tyler Haynes (Richmond 1922), who was a former Section Chief and Coulter Cup recipient.


Haynes Award Recipients:
Kevin R. McGraw ’90 – 2004-05 – presented by Executive Director and Editor William A. Martin, III (Mississippi State ’75) on April 29, 2006.


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