The Alpha Omega Graduate Association, Inc. owns and manages the maintenance, renovations, and finances associated with the chapter house located at 20 South College Street in Athens, Ohio. The House Corporation Board of Trustees is made up of graduate members of the Alpha Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta who serve staggered two year terms. All Board Members are volunteers who serve without compensation. The Board meets via teleconference approximately ten times during the year, and in person once each during the fall semester and spring semester (Annual Meeting). Board Meetings are open to all undergraduates and graduates, as well as to invited guests.

Executive Board


David “FIJI” Slater


Steve Shannon


Chris Moehring

AOGA Past Presidents

Phi Gamma Delta at Ohio University, Inc.

Robert L. Repp ‘GR 1965 – 1966

Delta Colony of Athens, Ohio, Inc.

James L. Shufelt ‘GR 1966 – 1967
Robert L. Repp ‘GR   1967 – 1972
David F. Slater ’67 1972 – 1975

The Alpha Omega Graduate Association, Inc.

Ronald A. Sages ’73 1975 – 1977
David F. Slater ’67 1977 – 1997
Christopher J. Ferguson ‘89 1997 – 2001
David F. Slater ’67 2001 – 2005
John A. Cassese ’76 2005 – 2007
Jerry A. Winkler ’90   2007  – 2009
Ronald A. Sages ’73 2009 – 2011
John D. Ziza ’78 2011 -2019
Jeffrey D. Keller ’90 2019 -2022
David F. Slater ’67 2022-current

Purple Legionnaire

The Purple Legionnaire is the principal graduate brother responsible for advising a chapter.


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